Acetonitrile is a polar solvent used in HPLC, requcrystalization, protein synthesis, and purification of industrial component. Acetonitrile is actually a waste product of acrylonitrile, a polymer used in manufacturing acrylic fibers and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene used in automotive and construction materials. 

Market Dynamics:
Because acetonitrile is a waste product of acrylonitrile, low production rates of acrylonitrile can cause acetonitrile supplies to tighten. Monitoring acrylonitrile prices and it's markets (new car sales and new housing starts) can help you anticipate fluctuations in supply.

Up Stream Materials/Building Blocks:

Natural Gas


Acrylonitrile (co-product)
Hydrogen Cyanide (co-product)

Down Stream Materials Consuming Acetonitrile: