‚ÄčAn organic chemical (intermediate) used in making a variety of materials including dyes and pigments as well as  phenzaone (analgesic).
Ketene is not stable as a gas, and is usually consumed on site; Diketene is more stable and can be transported.

Market Dynamics:
Primary market demand is by construction for paints and pigments, however, there is some demand by pharma as well.

Up Stream Materials/Building Blocks:
Acetic acid


Carbon Disulfide


Triethyl phosphate

Down Stream Materials Consuming Ketene/Diketene:


Acetic anhydride

Acetoacetate esters

Acetoacetate amides

Acetoacetate anilides

Arylide yellow 

Chloroacetyl Chloride

Diarylide pigment
Phenazone (analgesic)

Sorbic Acid