Also known as glycerine or glycerin​, this compound is viscous, sweet and nontoxic. Previous, glycerol came from primarily synthetic sources, however glycerol as a byproduct of biofuel production (from natural sources) flooded the market. For every ton of biodiesel produced, 100kgs of glycerin is produced as a byproduct. In the coming years, "Green diesel" will not have a by-product of glycerol, and could have a shortage. Today, most glycerol is in derived from natural sources.
Note: Glycerol made palm oil is considered non-GMO... from soy oil, contains GMOs.

Market Dynamics:
Glycerin is a byproduct of biodiesel. If Biodiesel is in low demand, glycerol production production will decrease.
Up Stream Materials/Building Blocks:
​  Propylene Oxide


  Oils/Fats (both animal and plant)

  Alcohols, most common is methanol

  Byproduct: Biodiesel... Note: Green Biodiesel does not have a by-product

Down Stream Materials Consuming:


Cough syrups

Skin care products

Hair care products