MOPS, AKA 3-(N-morpholino)propanesulfonic acid

Market Dynamics: MOPS (which has a 3 carbon change) is similar to MES (which differs by having a 2 carbon chain).

Up Stream Materials/Building Blocks: 

Propane Sultone

- Allyl alcohol 

    -Allyl chloride

    -Allyl Iodide


 -Sodium bisulfite.

   -Sulfur dioxide 

   -Sodium hydroxide 

    -Sodium bicarbonate.



  -Sulfuric acid

Down Stream Materials Consuming:

​MOPS is primarily used as a biological buffer near a neutral pH, but also in these applications:

Denaturing gel electrophoresis of RNA

Protein purification in chromatography
Separation of nucleic acids and proteins by electrophoresis
Buffer component of charcoal yeast extract medium
Stabilizing of peptide backbone of bovine serum albumin