Phosphoric Acid/ortho-Phosphoric Acid:
Phosphoric Acid, aka ortho-phosphoric acid, is a basic mineral acid with 90% of the global supply used to make fertilizers. Therefore swings in fertilizer demand can cause swings in phosphoric price and availability.

Market Dynamics:
Phosphoric acid is produced by two general routes: the wet process and more expensive thermal process.

The Wet Process adds sulfuric acid to phosphate rock (apatite), and is the primary process for fertilizer material. 

The Thermal Process burns phosphorus to produce phosphorus pentoxide that is dissolved in dilute phosphoric acid to produce a purer phosphoric acid used in food and beverage.

Up Stream Materials/Building Blocks:

Crude oil

Sulfuric Acid

Down Stream Materials Consuming Phosphoric Acid:

​Fertilizers (consumes 90% of the global phosphoric acid)

pH Buffers

Electronics Etchant

Food and Bevarage

Rust removal