Poly Vinyl Chloride:
PVC comes in rigid and flexible types, and is one of the most widely produced resin after polyethylene and polypropylene.

Market Dynamics:

PVC demand is highly dependant upon construction and the housing market. Further, PVC is the primary consumer of chlorine gas, which is produced on demand (because chlorine gas is poisonous)... If either PVC or chlorine gas is out of supply/demand balance, it impacts the other.

Up Stream Materials/Building Blocks:

​​Crude Oil


Vinyl chloride

Chloride gas (Sodium hydroxide co-product

Sodium chloride

Misc Additives:




-calcium carboxylates

-heat stabilizers

-UV stabilizers


-processing aids

-impact modifiers

-thermal modifiers


-flame retardants


-blowing agents

-smoke suppressors

Down Stream Materials Consuming Poly Vinyl Chloride:

Rigid PVC: Housing/Construction





-non-food packaging

-credit and other cards
Flexible PVC: Housing/Construction


-electrical cable insulation

-imitation leather


-inflatable products 

-rubber replacement

Raw Materials: