Polyurethane (PU):
 Polyurethanes are made up primarily of two types of polymers: thermoplastic polyurethanes (that melt and form shapes) and thermo setting polymers (that are rigid). However, one of the key products that impact our market is the PU combined with gas to make foams used in seating and mattresses.

Market Dynamics:
While there are many uses of PU, the primary market that impacts electronics and biopharma is the foam consuming markets, specifically new auto sales. Much of the foam goes into the auto seats, and one of the by-products of foam manufacturing is hydrochloric acid; when new auto sales goes down, the hydrochloric acid market gets tight.

Up Stream Materials/Building Blocks:

Hydrochloric Acid (co-product)

MDI (Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate)



TDI (Toluene diisocyanate )

Down Stream Materials Consuming Polyurethane:

Adhesives and  sealants,
Automotive components (seating, suspension bushings...)
Elastomeric wheels and tires

Foam seals and gaskets

Foam seating


Insulation (construction)

Rigid foam insulation